Use sports.
Use sports to get what you want.
Use them to fit in.
Use them to stand out.
To have fun.
And to feel alive.
Use them to get revenge.
Or give back.
Sports will never judge.
Use sports.
Even when they say you can’t.
To redeem.
To come back.
And move on.
Sports will never question your intentions.
Use sports.
And use them well.
Use them for all they’re worth.
Use them to meet your idols.
To live forever.
And kill boredom
To forget your problems.
To escape.
And make friends.
To travel the world for free.
To have brothers, and sisters.
To fail.
To fail.
To fail.
And win.
Use sports to change yourself.
Use them to change everything.
You can.
It doesn’t matter where you come from,
or who you are.
Use sports.
Because sports, will never say you can’t.

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9 ноября 2011